Do You Bring Good Energy?


I really want to give and get good energy from the new people I meet.”


That was an excerpt from my recent online dating profile.

And it’s not just a throw in line – Something to make the ladies believe I’m a positive person.

It was well thought out and something I fully want to execute going forward.

Do you know what I mean about energy?

Do you know any really positive energy people?

People who you are drawn to – male or female – simply because it feels good to be around them.   Not even in an attraction way.  Just in a human way.

I’m talkin’ about people that up the action from average to better than average.  From better than average to great.  From great to excellent.

Any situation is a full letter grade improved because of their presence.

I love people like that.

I’ve met a few in my life and they always inspire me.

The most notable of them all is a young guy I met while volunteering for the after school programs at Bikes Not Bombs (BNB) in Jamaica Plain, Boston.

This all happened during my run up to the cross country ride*.

BNB is a wonderful community centric not-for-profit here in Boston.  Its focus is on the bicycle as a means for social change.  Youth Programs (build a bike and keep it), adult education (here’s how to fix and maintain your own), international programs aiding the 3rd world (shipping containers full of bikes and parts).  They do and achieve great things….Read more HERE.

The director of the youth programs back then was this young guy named Elijah.

He was maybe 22 at the time (’09).

Tall (6’ 2”).

Deep, commanding voice (think James Earl Jones).

Great hair (full dreads).

Flawless complexion.

He has all that in appearance and just captivates you with humor, thoughtful dialogue, intelligence, humility, and a big, disarming smile.

He is pure energy.



The above image is from Bicycling Magazine


And you could see how the kids in the program responded.  Imagine trying to manage a dozen 12-18 year olds after school on a weekday.

His presence – his energy made it clear that he was in charge and they respectfully did whatever he said.  Not because he was authoritative (though he could be), but because his delivery and demeanor were refined positivity.

It’s just cool to be around him.

He makes you feel like a better person.


Youth Instructors and Staff at the Boston Hub.
Elijah – Back row Center.


On the program days when he wasn’t there, the void was noticeable.  It was interesting to observe.  People tried to fill it – impossible.

I always wanted to be a person like that.  I think there have been moments, situations, and sometimes even full days where I’ve accomplished it.  But it’s never been my baseline.  It’s not my personality to put it out there every day.

Some days I need to fly under the radar even when I know I could up the ante with just a little positive push.

And that’s okay.

You know why?

Because that’s who I am.

I’m trying to do who I am better though.

See where this is leading?

Elijah is a good standard to aspire toward.  A great one actually.

I’ll never get to his level when it comes to managing a group.  But, the willingness to acknowledge that at 47 I can still improve as a human is important to me.

I’ve witnessed too many people not just at middle age, but every age become embittered / jaded / negative / stuck in their ways.  It’s difficult to witness because you can’t talk them out of it.  They have to find the way out personally.

Good energy.  Good energy is the way out.

Be around it.

Practice it.

Try to bring it.

Make some in your life and share it.


Learn a good joke.

Distill a personal story so it’s entertaining and engaging.

Educate yourself.  Learn something new and tell people about it.

Start small.

Improve a moment.

It’ll improve you.

I promise!


Further Entertainment:  Read a fun article about the BNB Youth Programs HERE.

*In case you missed it the first dozen times, I rode my bike across the country.   Read that babble HERE.



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