Be a Badass: Grocery Shop on Your Bike


There’s a cool side benefit to being a bike tourer that I didn’t anticipate while gearing up for my Cross Country trip.

It’s something I come back to often that gives my life flexiblity and relief.

It’s built right into a wide tired bike with bags capable of holding over 100 liters of stuff.

What I’m talkin’ about is….



When my rig and I are not touring we have immense two wheeled utility for everyday life.

We are prepped to haul dozens of pounds of stuff.



I like that a lot.

I like that because I loathe driving around the city to do errands.

Boston central is not set up for easy car maneuvering.

Don’t even get me started on parking.

PARKING in Boston! – Please.

Therefore, I always choose the bike to get my shit done.

Need to hit up Target for low cost Clif Bars and Saline solution? – Easy peasy.

Over to Home Depot for painting supplies or a new smoke detector?  – I’m in and out in far less pain than my driving peers.

However, this high value skill is most useful when we start talkin’ about grocery shopping.

There are grocers on the fringes of the city that are easily accessed with your car.

But, the only Whole Foods Market (errrr…Amazon Foods???) that’s close to my condo is in the South End of Boston.

The South End is a full on shit show to drive through.

I do not enjoy it.

I do enjoy the freshness of the produce at WF so I need to make the effort.

The bad news here is that the parking lot is undersized for the popularity of the store.

Look at this nonsense.



Why the Fuck would you drive here?


Is this lot over at Fenway for the Sox game?
Nope, this is the queue to park & food shop in the South End.


Skip this madness.

Pedal over and park front row next to the entrance.

It’s okay to carry that smug look on your face as you pass by the auto people who waited 10 minutes just to get into the lot on this Sunday morning.

So here’s my stuff in the cart.


Shopping for one.


Look how nice it all tucks away.


The parking lot is overflowing.
But, there’s still room for 6 more bikes in this one rack.



Here’s another cartful at a different market.



Got away without using the front bags on this one.


I never thought about bringing my bike into the store with me…


This guy did – loaded it right at the register.
I’ve been one upped!


Total coincidence that I was taking the pics for this article while this guy was doin’ his thing.  Funny actually.

That’s all great Steve.  It’s nice that you are single.  I am not.  I’m shopping for four (and a dog).


That’s why God invented the bike trailer.

Need some extra cargo room?


How about an extra 94 liters (5600 cubic inches)

Above image from Pinterest


This is a BOB trailer.  I like this one because it’s got a slender profile that doesn’t exceed the width of the bike by too much like other trailers.  More info HERE.

In the end, it’s such a good feeling to pedal away from the store all loaded up with your food for the week.

You got a little exercise.

Your touring gear got some use.

You circumvented another Sunday morning auto apocalypse.


You are a BADASS!!!



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