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I’m Steve.

That’s me up there in the orange with the chicken legs looking out at Sentinel Butte in North Dakota.

That picture was taken in July 2013 on my bicycle tour across North America.*

I went solo and was self-contained for the entire trip.  Meaning, I carried all the camping gear, food, clothes, and spare parts on the bike – in FIVE BAGS.


I sustained and sheltered myself with just that little bit of gear and fully embraced the simplicity of living a minimal, transient life.

AND – I didn’t get run over by any logging trucks in Northern Washington State!

That ride brought out the best in my personality and I want to bring some of that magic into my every day, working life.

FIVE BAG FIT is about applying 3 important lessons I took away from the bike tour.

I write about them here.

Hopefully it’s useful to you.

  1. Live Simply and Comfortably: I don’t want to be a minimalist, but need to decide what adds value to life and purge the rest.
  1. Maintain Mind and Body: I ain’t getting any younger.  Gotta pump that heart and move oxygen into those lungs.  Gotta test and stress that grey matter in the brain to stay balanced.
  1. Plan and Go On Adventures: Bike touring and trail running are my passions. I ride and run where ever there’s a quiet road or rolling trail.  You’ll follow along as I bumble through my bucket list of quests.

I’m sharing it all here for a few reasons:

  • To inspire, entertain, educate, provoke, and probably agitate – YOU! My dedicated Readers.
  • To hold myself accountable for the goals I set. Even if I fail at them I need to tell you why.
  • I like to write and want to get better at it.

BONUS!!!  You’ll get reviews of the gear I use and maps of the quiet roads I ride.

* You can read the online journal for my ride across North America by clicking HERE.

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