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Steve – That’s me


Big Mountain Summit Trail – Whitefish, Montana

Age: 4546, 47

Lives:  Boston, Massachusetts – (Dorchester)

Works:  Machine Technician – builds and services capital equipment for food processing and packaging facilities.

Activities:  Biking, Trail Running, Hiking, Yoga, Lacrosse, Snowshoeing.

Likes:  Quality time with family and friends.  Sampling craft beer, good black coffee, a well made omelette, thoughtful & clever writing, the stories behind the people.

Has:  Two French Mastiffs that I care for with my former girlfriend.








A little More:

As I wade through middle age, it’s hard not to notice how precious and short our time is.

That’s not something I view as a negative.

I’ve got half my history in the books and – hopefully – half still to be lived.

The future looks promising and challenging.

The more time I spend outside on the back roads and the trails the better I feel.


I’ll see you there.

  2 comments for “Me

  1. 10/15/2017 at 8:53 pm

    Hi Steve,

    I read your blog on Crazy Guy on a bike years ago and loved following your journey.

    By happenstance, my wife and I are spending part of the next year in Boston (Back Bay). Our full time home is in Vermont. Like you, I have biked all over the country/world, from Australia to Luxembourg and throughout the U.S.

    I’ve met most of my close friends (and wife) through biking and would enjoy meeting you as a fellow cycling advocate. I am also considering starting a bike-related business at some point and you never know where a new connection will lead.

    Let me know if I can buy you a beer or coffee at some point.



    • FBF Staff
      10/16/2017 at 7:58 pm

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for readin’.

      A bike related business? I’m intrigued.

      I’ll contact your email and we’ll set something up.


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