2016: Looking Back


I can’t believe it’s already March.

What have you people been doing this year?!

Let me tell you what I’ve been doing – Not Blogging!  Sorry about that.  I promise to do better going forward.


2016 was a DUD!  I fell short of all my goals.

“Fell short” – I didn’t even mentally make an attempt to even plan to jump at them.

I thought I was going to pick up right where 2015 left off and continue ascending.


I was injured most of the year (Sad face).

Two words:  Quadriceps Tendonitis.

Poor me right?

Meh, Not really…I embrace the suck of an injury now.  It helps remind me that I’ll never be great.  I’ll just be average and aspire to be great.  Also, another reminder – be vigilant with the preventative maintenance.

No vigilance is not enough…Be aggressive!  Have to approach the maintenance the same way I approach the training.

Wellness Agenda 2017

  • More and more yoga coupled with monthly deep tissue massages.
  • More strength training.
  • Eliminate sugar.  Reduce salt & saturated fat.
  • More whole foods and less processed ones.
  • More sleep – Less stress.

Plus, I’m almost fully mended and back on the horse.  (Cue the Rocky Theme) ….Getting stronnng nowwwww!

How does all this news help you?

It doesn’t.

But, I promise a helpful post on how I beat the latest injury setback in case you suffer something similar.


2016 Wrap

I shouldn’t say last year was a “dud”…I got a few things done and scavenged enough healthy days to still compete against myself and others.


April:  Placed  7th/ 108 in the Blue Hills 10 mile Trail race.

The training for this was the real highlight.  Just went hard from January until April 24th with the focus on lots of climbing.  I wanted to PR the course and finish in the Top 10.  Mission accomplished.


June:  Big Family Trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.

My sister, her partner, and I took our Mom to Edinburgh.  We have Scottish roots and haven’t been far away together in over a decade.  Great family bonding and had a glorious time yuckin’ it up in many pubs across the city…Relevant to us here at FBF – I rented a bike for the whole week so I could blast around the city and get a real feel for its energy…I did this well – And, I got the other side of the road thing down without getting squished!  Read more HERE.


One of the many glorious bike routes through Edinburgh.



July:  Road Trip!  Solo adventure to Macedonia State Park in Kent, CT

I stopped here on my way to see college friends in South Jersey for a little car camping and trail running.  This is still a novel idea I started in 2015.  Just a relaxing drive out to a low key campground.   I only have two agenda items on these trips.

1.  Go for a great run on new trails.

2.  Find the best local spot for beer and pizza.

The whole time is so chill and inexpensive – I love it.


Lake Waramaug Campground.



Start of the 6 Mile Blue Trail.
I did two loops.


June – August:  Played another successful season of summer lacrosse.

The “success” was being able to play hard and compete against my peers in all 11 games.  That ability – to redline an effort is something I cherish.   What I get on the lacrosse field is not available anywhere else in my life. We didn’t make the playoffs however.

Note: This is where I picked up the quad tendinitis.   To many hard stops on field turf in a pair of cleats I shoulda thrown away 2 seasons ago.



August:  Placed 16th/91 Hodges Hoedown Trail Half Marathon.

Happy that I efforted this one.  I just needed to get on new trails with a bunch of like minded runners and have a good time.  Ran this one well despite the injury and powered through one of the most humid days of the year!


Saturated with sweat at MIle 10.


October:  Bike tour From Boston to Lake Winnipesaukee (NH) to Portland (ME) and back – 6 Days & 230 Miles Total.

No matter what’s going on in my life, I have to make time for a week on the bike during the Fall.  Autumn in New England is pure magic.   The slow pedal on no traffic back roads is a mental reset for me.  I must have it.

You can read about the entire trip and my other short bike tours on my CrazyGuy journal HERE.


Found this gem of a camping spot at the end of a 60 mile Day1.
Kingston, NH



November:  I bought my own CONDO!

Yours truly went through some personal transitioning in ’16.  Getting my own piece of Boston in a very tight and competitive real estate market is fully satisfying and a huge relief.

Five Bag Fit now broadcasts from DORCHESTAH!  No more South Boston for the FBF Staff.




All Year:  The Fit Index is a firm foundation in my life now.

I kept at it all year.  Only 5 negative days – I did some form of exercise on 360 of the 365 days last year.

Blog Spoiler! There will be a more detailed post later this year about why you need to do this too.


2017 Goals


That’s all I need.  Everything else will fall into place if this happens.

All the goals I listed last year are pushed ahead to this year and next year – read about that at the back end of THIS POST.


Thanks for reading you dedicated FBFers.

Now get! …… Go out on the trails!












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